Action Tools Corp. was established in 1975, and has been engaged in the production and manufacture of sockets and hammer tools for 30 years.

“Quality, Service, Profession, Dependability, and Improvement” are our operation philosophy.
“Complete Specifications, International Quality, and Modern Techniques” are our operation guidelines.
“Developing Direct Customers, Establishing Complete and Standardized Product Specifications, and Building Own Brands” are our operation directions.
With the spirit of “defying challenges and difficulties”, we began with metal process in early days, and started manufacturing pneumatic hammer tools in 1976, impact sockets in 1977, and toolholders in 2002.

Almost all our products are for export, which sets the records of selling in more than 40 countries in the 5 continents and marketing our own brands in more than 24 countries with the outstanding marketing performance with more than 11,000 different products. Action products can be found almost everywhere in the world with the global market share over 10%. Our products are approved by advanced countries like Germany and Japan with customers' good comments, and are the quality products recommended by both industrial and general users. Our quality management has passed a lot of international quality certification with products marketing and customer groups all over the world, and won the first Rising Star Award with honor.

  Continuously introducing precision machinery equipment, focusing on developing the customer market demanding high quality, and offering various products with small quantities are our long-lasting operation niches. Insisting on applying high quality steel materials, improving precision process techniques and perpetually investing in R&D are our proper guarantees for our long-term loyal customers. And, diligent operation and repaying the society are the concrete performances of our president, who loves this land. In view of the insistence on the above beliefs, our turnover constantly increases every year. Long-standing customers support our company and stably place orders over a long period of time. And, new customers will definitely become our long-term cooperation partners after adopting our products. Therefore, our company is being extended.

In recent years, we continuously work together with many schools by cooperative education, which offers students systematical vocational skill training and life education on the basis of school basic education along with various equipment and technique inheritance in the business environment, to cultivate young people possessing both skills and virtues to offer industries future technique talents, to make a contribution to national and social economy development, to enhance national competitiveness, and to cultivate the next generation. Also, we contact with colleges for industry-academy cooperation to promote company R&D constitution and establish complete company education training systems.
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